Get Planted


“Those who are planted in the House of God will flourish in the courts of the King.”

God’s approach for bringing people to himself has always involved the people of God. Jesus called this community of believers “The Church”. When we come together in one place, with one heart, and one goal – to lift up Jesus – “Church” is officially in session! At House of Triumph we have one rule: no perfect people allowed. So, one of the greatest things we have in common is that we are all sinners saved by Grace in need of a Savior!


Finding a church you can connect with and commit to is vital to experiencing the fullness of Jesus in your life. Why? Because the Bible not only expresses that being planted in your church will cause you to flourish in your everyday life, but that commitment to “the church” will give you an opportunity to see and support what Jesus is doing in the lives of other people involved in your community of believers.

“I will build my Church…and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” – Jesus


Consider this: If receiving salvation is moving to a new neighborhood…then finding a Church home is discovering your new place of living…your address. Its where you feel the most comfortable, where you invite you friends over, and where you house your most precious possessions… Just like shopping for a new home takes time and special consideration, we encourage you to invest the same kind of time and effort into looking for your new church. Visit churches in your area, attend a service or two, understand each church’s vision and beliefs, and take time to pray about where God would like for you to “settle down” and get PLANTED.


The Bible shows us that God created us with the desire to connect with other people. After God made Adam, the first man, He said, “it is not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18(KJV). God then made Eve as the answer to Adam’s loneliness. Just like Adam needed Eve as a companion and help-mate to tend to the Garden of Eden, we need each other to help us with the struggles that crop up in our own lives.

One of the most fulfilling parts of becoming a Christian is being part of a supportive community of believers. The Bible says that as Christians, we are part of ONE body, made up of different but equal parts (1 Corinthians 12). Just like a body uses its various limbs to carry out its duties, the Church and its members thrive when everyone plays an active role in the prosperity and continuity of that community. At House of Triumph Church, we believe that true spiritual growth and discipleship occur when people become planted. If you see a need, then meet the need. Experience the fullness of what God has to offer you by being proactive in your church approach! Instead of sitting on the sidelines, get involved in the game and watch as God transforms your life.


Getting planted at House of Triumph is easy. We don’t require a membership test, a dress code, or a religious attitude. All you need is a desire to belong. We are a diverse and welcoming community, filled with real people going through the same things you are. Whether you are a college student looking for a church home or a parent looking for a supportive Christian community, there is a place here for you.

At House of Triumph, you become activated and planted when you engage in the four key grips:

  1. Give – you bring God your tithe faithfully and live a generous life
  2. Serve – you actively serve on a City Church team
  3. Bring – you regularly invite and bring new people to Church excited to reach people far from God
  4. Belong – you “do life” with us by participating in a LIFE Group

The best part? you don’t have to wait to get your roots into what God is doing right, in fact – we’ve placed everything you need to make House of Triumph Church your new home on our website. From joining our life group that meet weekly and joining a Team that serves in our weekend experiences to giving your tithe and inviting someone to church by simply sharing the link on your Facebook

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